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Are you attending a conference or traveling with your family for vacation? Or do you need a limo to transport you to or from Seatac airport? PS limo service offers the fastest, most comfortable rides for different occasions regardless of the number of passengers you plan to travel with. We offer our services at affordable rates.

SeaTac Limousines Services

PS limo service is situated in Seattle, Washington, and offers a wide variety of limousines for rent; getting a Seatac limo if you are jet-lagged will help you ensure you are comfortable and well relaxed for your next journey.

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    Airport Transportation SeaTac

    Seattle is an urban city known as the largest city in Washington; with a lot of amazing things to offer, whether you are in the town for a vacation with family or to attend a conference, you should ensure your comfort by getting the best transportation to avoid being caught up in the stress of travel.

    Our Seatac limo service is affordable and can conveniently transport you safely from or to Seatac airport and help you avoid Seattle's congestion mess; our services also extend to Redmond to Bellevue and other surrounding areas. Contact us today at PS limo service for our comfortable ride.

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    PS limo service offers you a variety of ride options to choose from, depending on what you desire. This decision can be influenced by many factors, some of which include;

    • Financial budget

    Do you need a hassle-free ride from Seatac airport? Our car service will bring you the best satisfaction. However, you don’t have to spend all the funds you need to achieve this; you should consider how much you have to pay for your ride; not all car ride rentals are of the same budget, but you can have quality transportation while still maintaining your budget.

    We have varieties of rides you can choose from regardless of your budget. Contact us at PS limo service to see our ranges of cars and their cost budgets.

    • Purpose and taste

    What event are you going to? A luxurious car like a limo would fit in more to take you for an event, a conference, or a wedding, than for touring the city.

    However, you can prefer to go for an SUV instead of a limo. So it all depends on your taste and preference eventually.

    • Number of people

    If you are transporting yourself with your family and friends from or to Seatac airport or its surrounding areas or you are probably going on a tour with this number of people, getting a private van or a party bus will fit more than a private car.

    However, if you are attending an event alone or with a maximum of 2 colleagues, getting a private car is preferable.


    If you need a ride to or from the airport, there is no better airport transportation service than PS Limo Service. Whether it's for an executive meeting downtown Seattle and want something classy or just looking out of this world stylish - we've got what your heart desires!


    Our clients must make reservations ahead of time (a minimum of 12  hours before pick-up time) to be guaranteed a car at pick-up time. We can also provide you with a vehicle at short notice by phone upon availability.

    You can make a reservation by filling out an online form, and you will receive a confirmation email stating your reservation details. All reservations confirmed by email are guaranteed pick up.

    You can also call our dispatch office (206) 396-9767 to confirm your trip, and if you wish to get in touch directly with additional requests, you can reach us through the line anytime; we are always available to respond to you.

    For exceptional cases of cancellation or no-shows, you can go through our terms and conditions to get more information on such.

Seattle airport transportation

    Our town car service is the best way to get from SeaTac Airport all throughout the Seattle area. PS Limo Service ensures that you'll arrive on time. You will arrive to your destination in style and without any hassle of trying to find parking.


    In a beautiful city such as Seattle, there are various Seattle town cars and limo services. However, we are unarguably the best option you can go for or get.

    Seatac serves over 40 million passengers every year. Try to imagine the last time you drove through Seattle-Tacoma international airport, especially during a busy holiday weekend; the volume of cars going from and to Seatac makes a congested drive all year.

    We are known for the standard and quality services we deliver; if you contact us at PS limo service for easy transportation, here are a few things to expect.

    • Professionalism and expertise

    At PS limo services, we professionally treat every client, and we have been offering the best services to our clients for many years, which has made us an expert in this regard.

    We have experienced chauffeurs that are familiar with the routes. So, you don’t have to be bothered about missing your way or worrying about traffic congestion on a route; they are experienced and know other routes that will bring you to your destination while avoiding the traffic jam.

    • Affordable prices

    PS limos services offer you luxurious cars and limos for rentals. However, you don’t have to break the bank to afford one. We bring our limo rentals at very affordable rates and even offer special discounts for corporate transactions.

    • Variety of options to choose from

    At PS limos services, we offer various options our clients can choose from, and you can select any option that suits your preference and the purpose of your airport car service.

    • Insured vehicles

    All of our vehicles are insured, and we are committed to ensuring your safety; hence we put all structures in place to ensure your comfort and safety. Contact us today at PS limos service and be assured of getting the best limo service you could ever ask for.

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    The name “Sea-Tac” was derived from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Suppose you travel towards or from Seatac from Seattle, Redmond, or other surrounding areas. Getting the best limo service at PS limo service should be your top priority.

    A good car like a limousine is ideal for any special event, either your wedding or a business conference you want to attend. It gives you that class and a stylish grand entry, or probably if you are new in the city, try renting a limousine.

    Are you planning a visit to Seattle from Seatac airport? Getting a car service will help you ease your movement around the city. Having a good car of your own does not mean you don’t require a limo service, especially in a city like Seattle.

    PS limo service here in Seattle offers a convenient and highly reliable limo rental and the best transportation service to suit your needs. We also have varieties of luxurious limousines that can fit in for any occasion and, of course, give you a classy appearance in public.


    PS Limo Service is a popular choice among those looking for airport transportation in SeaTac, Washington. Our town cars and stretch hummers provide an elegant alternative to typical buses; they're spacious with professional drivers who can make any occasion memorable!

Limousine services

    When you choose our services at PS limo service, here are some of the benefits you stand to get.

    You get to be picked at your departure location at the time set, as we have a track record of always coming for our customers on time. Our professional chauffeur gets to open the door for you and invites you politely to enter and relax. And you enter comfortably inside the spacious limo seat or any luxury vehicle you requested while your luggage is taken care of.

    Also, our professional drivers would have checked ahead to know the swiftest route to avoid undesirable traffic jams; hence you can trust us not to miss your flight due to any lateness.

    When you arrive at Seatac airport, you can descend at the curb nearest to your gate, your chauffeur will also help you get your luggage, and you can head towards your departure terminal refreshed after an exciting ride and having time to spare.

    Feel free to review our services on our website.


    If you are heading to Seatac from Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, or other surrounding areas, you will hardly find rates that are lesser than what we offer at PS limo service with the quality of our service.

    The rates of services we charge depend on three major factors: the destination, the type of vehicle to be used, and incentives issued to you. 

    At PS limo service, we offer you affordable rates with the best quality of services and professionalism. From hospitality to punctuality to cleanliness to other services like customer satisfaction, e.t.c.

    You can make inquiries for more details by contacting us via mail or by calling our office. So, you will find an option for your taste and personal budget. Our service area cuts across Seattle, Washington, which includes the service areas below:

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    When you reserve a town car, prom limo or stretch hummer for your special night out it will be an event to remember. Not only are these vehicles luxurious and stylish but they guarantee safety as well! You can chat with friends during the ride about all things related to prom while enjoying yourself without worrying about traffic or timing because our drivers have been trained by some of today's best companies including Rolls Royce & Prom Limousines.


    How much does a limo cost in Seattle?  

    The cost of a limo will depend on several factors, including the size of the limo and the number of hours you are hiring it for. You can get a 6-passenger SUV for as low as $85 per hour, with the minimum renting hour being an hour. And pay as much as $260 per hour for a 36-passenger party bus for 3 hours minimum. 

    Does Seatac have a shuttle?

    Yes, the Seatac airport shuttle service provides a shared shuttle and door-to-door private van. The shared shuttle rides are economical, and you can get the lowest share rates from the Seatac to your destination.

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