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Your tastes, number of passengers, budget, and destination are factors that can affect when deciding on the right vehicle. That’s why we have a range of cars, including European models that can meet your needs no matter the occasion is.

  • Seattle Limo Service

    A limousine is more than a good car; it’s a statement car. Ideal for your wedding, or any special occasion it gives you the priceless image of showing up in style. Getting a town car service especially if you are just planning a visit eases your movement around the city. To say you already have a good car does not cancel the need for a limo service especially if you are in Seattle. To reap the benefit of a grand entrance at an event or if you are new in town, you should try renting a limousine. 

    We are PS Limo Service here in Seattle, a highly reliable and convenient limo rental. We take pride in offering satisfactory transportation services to suit your needs. We are well known for our wide range of luxurious limousines perfect for any of your occasions. We will surely add class to your appearances in public.

    More than just limousine transport, PS Limo Service is a reputed transport service offering style in whichever vehicle you choose. Our drivers are well recommended as is our customer service as we handle every client professionally.

  • Our Limo Service Seattle Services

    PS Limo Services meets all your transport needs through several services we offer. We are renowned for our services which include;

    Do you need a private ride right from the airport to your very doors? That is not a problem, we will prepare a vehicle and a driver to cover that for you. The best part is that you can book ahead for a comfortable arrival. The vehicle is solely yours through the period of your use, from the airport to wherever you wish.

    • Party Buses and Limo Seattle 

    Our Limo services are well talked about even for large groups, we handle party transport services diligently. We also offer top-notch party buses to easily convey you and your guests in style around Seattle Washington. Even for large groups, we do not compromise the luxury we deliver ensuring that your guests enjoy every bit of the event.

    • Executive/Celebrity Seattle

    Our executive/celebrity vehicles are well talked about in Seattle for the luxury, comfort, and satisfaction they offer. For your red carpet events, executive dinners, or a need to transport company executives, PS Limo Services covers that. There is the perfect town car for your outings from Bellevue to Richmond that ensures you receive the stylish treatment for you or your business executives.

    • Cruise Ship Transportation Seattle

    If you are visiting Seattle through any of the cruise lines, we can organize an exquisite drive into the city. We have an array of luxury town cars from which you can choose as you make reservations for a personalized ride into town on your arrival.

    • Town Car Seattle

    PS Limo Service does not only handle renting vehicles and transport services for big events. You could also get a town car to cater for daily transport needs. Do you need to catch a flight just in time? You can trust us to cover your transport from Bellevue across Redmond to SeaTac airport.

    • Prom Seattle

    Prom preparation requires a lot but let PS Limo Service worry about the transport. Our vehicles let you come into prom in style and luxury. You would not have to worry about driving home at night. So let us take care of your transport while you enjoy that night that is to be remembered.

    • Wedding Limousines Seattle

    What is your wedding theme? Did you know limousines add that needed touch of class to it? Or perhaps your concern is getting the perfect vehicle for your big day. Many people have looked up to us and we have helped make their day memorable, yours would not be an exception.

    • Shuttle Services Seattle

    Shuttle service is one service we pay keen attention to, the private vehicles that you get from PS Limo Service are very comfortable, as a matter of fact, more comfortable, convenient and more satisfying than the traditional commercial transport. You could even achieve more with our shuttle transport service.

    • Seattle Tours Seattle

    Considering that there are several eye-catching scenes in Seattle, you would need an organized tour to take everything in. Our drivers know the best routes to take and would give you a personalized tour of the city.

    • Corporate Transportation Seattle

    We also cover your corporate functions. By booking the perfect limo for the intended number of people, we help convey any number of guests at very affordable prices.

    Areas we cover

    Our services are wide-ranged and, we have our services cutting across Seattle Washington, which includes:

  • Why consider us

    Seattle is a beautiful city and there are several Seattle town cars services and limos but your best option would be to choose PS Limo Services. We are well known for standard and the quality services we deliver for limo services Seattle.

    Our vehicles are insured

    One reason you should consider getting a limousine rental from PS Limo Services is that all our vehicles are insured. We do not compromise your safety hence we go all in to ensure your safety and comfort.

    We have varied options to choose from

    Apart from our wide range of limos, we offer varied options from buses to town cars. We are well recommended for having some of the best Seattle town cars.

    Affordable prices and corporate discounts

    That it is luxury does not mean it has to break the bank. We bring limo rentals at very affordable prices and offer special discounts for our corporate transportations.

  • FAQs

    What does limousine service mean?

    Limousine service means transporting people on a for-hire basis often provided through a limousine or a luxury car. Pick-up and drop-off are often arranged beforehand.

    How much does it cost to rent a limo in Seattle?

    Expect to spend between $90 and $200 per hour for a limo within Seattle depending on the type of car chosen. Seattle limousine services also offer other types of vehicles with varying prices so be sure to confirm.


    The rates for services by PS Limo service are dependent on a lot of factors. The destination(s), the vehicle used, and incentives issued to you, are just three of the factors that determine the rate of our services. For detailed information about our rates from time to time, you should keep tabs on our website.

    You can also make inquiries about this by reaching out to us via mail -; calling our Seattle office – (206) 396-9767; Calling our Bellevue office (425) 457-4178; or paying us a visit at our Seattle station - 3200 East Union Street, Seattle, WA 98122.

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