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Bellevue is an urban city known for its natural beauty, calmness, and serenity. When you are in the city on vacation, for an event, or a business meeting, you should ensure your comfort by taking care of your transportation. Call us at 425-457-4178.


Benefits of Renting a Limo


When you're jet lagged, a limousine will help make sure that your journey is smooth and comfortable. With an experienced driver on board to guide the way through traffic or teach tourists about local culture along their trip - there's no better way of making it through these hard times than with someone who knows what they're doing!


Limousines are the way to go if you want an elegant ride. You will impress your date or earn yourself good impressions at any event with this choice!

Fun ride

Why drive when you can ride? With our limousines, there's no need to worry about getting stuck in traffic or missing the fun because we'll take care of everything- including strategy for arrival at your destination.


Why Hire PS Limo Service Bellevue?

Customer service is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking into a company. You can tell if they provide good quality work by how their customers are treated, and whether or not there's an opportunity for feedback within your contract terms

PS Limo Service Bellevue offers good customer service online and offline. Contact us through any customer service contact(call, live chat, email) and speak with their representative. Ask all the questions you have concerning limo rental Bellevue


PS Limo Service Bellevue is here to ensure that your ride goes off without any hiccups, no matter what the occasion calls for. We have coverage against clients (as well as our drivers), vehicles.

Other services

If you are looking for a luxurious car service with top-of the line amenities, then PS Limo Service Bellevue is your go to company. We have an extensive fleet of cars that vary in model and features so there's always something just right!

Also, we have policies that cover you in case of a car breakdown; there is another car (of similar features and amenities) that can come and get you. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch at 425-457-4178 For Rates and Reservations.

Other Factors to Consider when hiring a limo service

Service Pricing

The next time you're looking for luxury transportation, be sure to check out the prices and find what works best with your budget. However- don't just go by lowest price because that might not always result in top quality service! So when comparing rates make certain they are comparable; otherwise one company could appear more affordable than another but actually offer less value or worse customer care

If you want to get value for your money, do not make price your only determining factor; look out for other factors that can give you the best customer experience.

Reviews and Referrals

The internet is your friend when it comes to finding a limo service. You can look up companies in advance and make sure that they are reputable by checking their website before hiring them, or even better- call the number on file with any concerns you might have!

When you want to know more about a company, check out the reviews from previous customers. If they have good service and are responsive in addressing any issues or concerns of yours then chances are there will be loyal clients willing provide positive feedback for their experience with that business organization!

From the reviews, you can know the service that best suits your event, the issues you might encounter, and other factors you might have overlooked in your search. Also, look at how they respond to reviews and if they improve with the feedback they get.

If you can't judge a company by their website reviews, then try checking out social media spaces for more opinions. People who don’t post online might tag or recommend them and let others know what they are offering!


Their staff is not limited to their customer service representative but includes all of the people who work for them, from drivers and receptionists.


There are many things to consider before getting into a deal with any limousine company. Make sure that you ask for their contract and policies, as well as reading through all of the different situations covered in those documents so there isn't anything left unaware or unchecked!

Know if they have a refund policy in case you cancel before your pick-up time, if you have to pay in full in advance, and some other things that might come up when you are using their service.

Contact us today at 425-457-4178 for business transportation in Seattle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a limo from Bellevue to Vancouver?

A limo from Bellevue to Vancouver typically costs between $700.00-$950.00. However, this price may vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the distance traveled, and other factors.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable airport car service, contact PS Limo Service Bellevue. We offer competitive rates and a wide range of Premium Luxury Sedans to choose from, so you can rest assured that you'll have a comfortable and stress-free ride to your destination.


How many people can be in a limo?

You can get a large limo that can accommodate up to 16 people. You can rent a space bus; this is more appropriate for a large gathering with people of different age groups.

How much is it to rent a limo in Bellevue?

Limo rental Bellevue prices start around $95 - $125 per hour, with Luxury sedans and larger vehicles such as SUVs and stretch limos costing more. You can usually get a discount for renting multiple hours or booking in advance. For example, if you book a three-hour reservation ahead of time, you may only have to pay $250 instead of $300.

How do I choose the best limo size?

The limo size will depend on your budget, the number of the gathering, and your preference. If you want more space and fun, you can go in a large limo to start the celebration early. 

Services PS Limo Bellevue offers

Events transportation: If you have a wedding or a prom night dinner and you wish to get there in a limo, PS limo Service Bellevue is available for your limo rentals.

Tourism transportation: You can hire a limo tour and explore the Eastside. 

Airport and ship cruise transportation: To have a smooth transition from the airport and docks, hire a limo from PS Limo Service Bellevue.

Town transportation: You can also hire a limo to take you around the town while you are in Bellevue.

Corporate Transportation

Knowing the Right Limo Rental Service

Hiring the best limo rental service without worrying about so many things is a relief, and it assures you of the luxury and comfort you are about to get. Limo rental is not cheap, but you have to be sure you get your money’s worth. 

If you need a high-rated and recommendable limo rental service in Bellevue, contact us to know more about our services, answer your questions, and reserve a limo for yourself. 

Contact us today at 425-457-4178 to learn more about our customized offerings.

Rolls Royce Ghost
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Finest Town Car Limo for the Airport

When you need a luxurious, fast ride to and from the airport in Bellevue or anywhere else around the Eastside for that matter our chauffeurs are here ready. We offer different types of car services including SUV limos perfect if your Important event.

From Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, Everett, Bellevue, and Bellingham to private airplane centers and other Washington airports, PS limo Service is ready to arrange premium limousines for your luxurious transportation. Our finest town car limo fleet for the airport transportation service consists of – 

  • Luxury Sedans
  • Luxury SUV
  • Luxury Executive Vans
  • Stretch Limousines
  • Party Bus
  • Executive Mini Coaches
  • Super Coaches

Check the entire collection of these categorized fleets here – Our Limousine Fleet 

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