Seattle Party Bus Rental

A party bus is more than a stylish way to make short or long journeys pleasant. This kind of bus is designed to have a unique and attractive interior. Screens, dance poles, a sound system, and a small bar are some of the special features of a party bus. All these features are fitted in the bus to offer fun and enjoyment to and fro the party location. 

Since buying one yourself is usually not profitable, it makes more sense to simply rent a suitable party bus in Seattle. At PS Limo Service, various party buses with different equipment are ready for you. 

These special buses come in varying sizes. Hence, you can enjoy a bus ride with a small or large group of friends, families, and colleagues for any Occasion.

Rent a party bus for the wedding

The wedding celebration is a one-time event and therefore should be a memorable day in the life of the couple. A party bus is a great way to make the journey to and fro the wedding party a remarkable experience for the guests and even the couple. 

Regardless of whether you are planning the trip as a wedding couple or you want to rent the party bus as a surprise for the wedding couple, this means of transport offers many advantages:

  • You can travel to the wedding party in a group together with the couple.
  • Music, drinks, and a dance floor are features of the party bus, which ensures the right atmosphere during the journey.
  • The first photos of the wedding can be shown on the screen on the bus and also raise the mood.
  • The party bus can also be decorated specially for the wedding.
  • A party bus is remarkably good as a location for unique wedding photos.

In addition, after the party, no car and alcohol worries as the driver will make sure to get everyone home safely.

At PS Limo Service, you will find various party buses. Hence, you can find the most suitable transport solution for your wedding. Request a free quote today!

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Rent a party bus for the bachelor party

Even before the actual wedding, you can make the bachelor party a unique one. Since this is usually not organized by the bride or groom, a party bus can be a real highlight and a great surprise for the groom and invitees at the bachelor party. 

While the chauffeur drives you, you can enjoy the last evening in "freedom" and create a good atmosphere in the party bus. You can choose to either spend the entire evening on the party bus or drive from location to location with it. Some of the facilities you can enjoy on the bus with the guests and the man of honor(the groom) include:

  • music system
  • dance pole
  • dance floor
  • Screen
  • laser show
  • beverages
  • Snacks, etc.

Drive to trendy parties, to the strip club, or to various clubs and discos in Seattle to make the bachelor party unforgettable. Depending on the size of your group, you can conveniently and easily rent the right party bus from PS limo service. Our special buses for parties can take the whole group from location to location with maximum fun and enjoyment on this very special evening.

Rent a party bus for a birthday

It's your birthday? Do you want to please someone close to you for their birthday? Do you have many friends who don't own a private vehicle? Party bus rental for a birthday is the right idea! You will no longer have to worry about the hassles with public transport. 

Renting a bus with a driver also means protecting yourself and the people you love. Because there will be no need to reason with a friend who drank too much and should leave his car and call a taxi!

At PS Limo Service, you will find party buses that can carry small and large groups of people. You can choose to plan a birthday with different stops and thus move from club to club together. While on the way, the party bus will get you in the mood with drinks, snacks, and music. 

Also, a dance pole installed in the party bus provides additional entertainment if your guests want to use it. In addition, a party bus offers countless photo opportunities, so that the memories of the unique birthday are preserved for a long time. 

Celebrate your birthday in a very special way and take the opportunity to rent a party bus from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest size party bus?

The largest size party bus is one that can take up to 50 passengers on its dance floor. They are usually used to transport large groups of friends, families, colleagues, and employees.

Can you just drive around in a party bus?

Yes, you can drive around in a party bus. You and your friends may want to hang out without a definite destination. In this case, you can have all the fun you want with your friends while the chauffeur drives you around the city.

Make sure you understand the hiring rate for the Seattle party bus rental so as not to exceed your budget.

How much is a party bus in Seattle?

Generally, a party bus in Seattle costs between $125 to $350/hour. Note that the best way to get an idea of ​​the price is to ask a rental company for a quote. The company will take into account all direct and indirect costs such as parking fees, number of miles traveled, driver's driving hours, etc.

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How much is a Bellevue WA party bus?

Just as mentioned above, the definite cost of a Bellevue WA party bus is known by contacting a rental company because the price varies depending on several factors. However, you can have a budget of $125 to $350/hour when renting a party bus in Bellevue WA.

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Rent a party bus for the company party

There are many occasions for a company party. Be it an anniversary, the achievement of company goals, Christmas, or an end-of-the-year party. What could be more fun than renting a party bus for the celebration? It's definitely going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

You can rent party buses for both small and large company events. Every member of staff will surely feel comfortable while enjoying themselves. The celebration in a confined space also ensures better team bonding and strengthens the team spirit. 

With a good mix of all departments on the bus, you can also strengthen the bond between the departments and thus leading to more success. 

One of the ways you can celebrate is to take a tour with your employees on the party bus around Seattle. No doubt, it's going to be a great time for everyone because the city of Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the US.

You can also simply use one or more party buses as a private club. Thanks to the perfect equipment with music, drinks, and dance floors, you can surprise and inspire your employees and ensure a unique company celebration that your employees will be talking about for a long time. 

At PS Limo Service, you will find various offers for party buses for your own company party. 

Do you want to rent a party bus for your upcoming event in Seattle? Request a free quote today!

Rent a party bus for the prom

The prom is a very special moment for many students in Seattle and marks the transition from school to a serious life. It's no wonder that a prom is usually celebrated in a boisterous manner. If you rent a suitable party bus, the trip to the prom can already be a special experience; because the bus is designed to match the setting. 

You can either take a party bus to the prom with your classmates or with the family and make an extravagant and special appearance there. Play your own music on the system, which can be easily transferred via Bluetooth or USB connection. The party bus not only offers unique photo opportunities, but you can already get into the party mood while driving and rock the evening.

Book a party bus with us as quickly as you can to enjoy the best party bus service in Seattle! Request a free quote today.