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  • Limo Service Seattle

    Seattle being one of the most beautiful cities in the United States has a lot of sites to visit during vacation and festive periods. 

    Are you planning a visit to Seattle soon? One of the things you might want to worry about to make your stay more fun and comfortable is getting the perfect means of transportation to pick you up from the Airport and also take you around the city.

    No doubt, hiring a limo service gives you an amazing experience better than other means of transportation.

    Even if you live in Seattle, you can hire a limo service to attend special occasions in grand style.

    Many companies are offering Limo Service Seattle. Hence, choosing the best may be a bit challenging. 

    So, how do you find the best limo service in Seattle? Which limo service should you hire? You have answers to these below. Read on.

  • Choosing the best Limo Service Seattle 

    To help you hire a limo service company that won't give you any hassle, these are the five important questions to ask the company before hiring them

    1. Are your cars personally owned?

    When surfing the internet to hire a limo service for your tour around Seattle, one of the fundamental questions you need to ask is whether or not the limos are personally owned by the company. 

    Nowadays, a lot of marketing websites are up on the internet serving as affiliates for different car-selling companies. Most times, these limos are hired on your behalf but of course, come with a higher deal. 

    So, to ensure you're working with the right company that has experience in the business, try to get a good answer to this question.  

    2. How guaranteed am I about safety during the ride?

    Limos are executive cars that make you a center of attraction when riding or stepping out. While this has its perks, a negative side to it is the fact that criminals may want to harm you. 

    One of the reasons why this may happen is the knowledge that you're a visitor to the city. So, you need to be sure about your safety and that of your colleagues or family before hiring a Limo service in Seattle. 

    Moving away from the thought of being attacked by criminals, the chauffeur or driver of your ride needs to be stable when driving to avoid accidents. 

    Some drivers are drug addicts or maybe even ill and you can't afford to be on a ride with such drivers, else there might be different driving hazards. 

    It's the responsibility of the company to perform these checks though. But yours is to ask as well. 

    Be sure the limo service company you want to hire has the customer's safety as a priority. Ask for insurance on their customers and damages experienced during the trip.  

    3. What's the maintenance pattern of your limos? 

    Sometimes, the drivers are not at fault when damages are caused during a trip, rather it's the car showing results of improper or inadequate maintenance. 

    So, to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere in Seattle, ask about the maintenance structure of the car service company. Ensure the answers are detailed enough. 

    Likewise, before riding out, carry out some little checks like paying attention to the sound of the vehicle. You could even go the extra mile to ask about the mechanics of the limos and ask about the professionals within the environment. 

    Lastly, ask whether there's a company or top expert that ascertains the working conditions of the limos before heading out. 

    This question will definitely save you from experiencing delays and also guarantee safety. 

    4. Do you have proof to show your effective services?

    Reviews have been the best thing since sliced bread. Today, a lot of individuals perform background checks on companies before paying or hiring them simply by reading the reviews. 

    So, ask for their reviews. Better still, check on the official website to see what people have to say about their services. 

    Another way to go about this is by asking the people around what the company does and their efficiency in delivering quality services. These combined opinions from different people will inform your decision to continue or stop the plans of hiring the limo service in Seattle. 

    5. How many years have you been providing services to people?

    Experiences are very important regardless of the bias you may have to work with a new company and contribute to its growth. So, it's best to ask how long the company has been around. 

    Years of experience are the major factor that ensures you get a professional touch during your ride in the limo. 

  • What limo service in Seattle can I work with? 

    You need not worry about looking for a limo service company in Seattle that would meet up with the five important questions above.

    Yes, that's because you just found one! No other than PS Limo Service.

    We are here to help you move around Seattle during your vacation, conference period, or important occasions.

    Here are some of the reasons you should hire PS Limo Service Seattle:

    • Personally owned limos in Seattle

    Our limos are privately owned by the company, and we offer the best rates for your comfort in Seattle. You can always run a test on our services as we are not a marketing site for car sellers. Our vehicles are registered and insured with the company's name. 

    • Your safety is assured

    Our customers are placed at the top of our priority list, so we ensure your safety right from the airport to your accommodation and during your rides around the town. 

    We hire the best drivers in the city and our cars' credentials are up to date. Likewise, there are experts in the field who perform routine checks on the limos before they are sent out to pick up our customers. Really, your safety is guaranteed when you're with us. 

    • Our limos are properly maintained

    From the outward appearance of the vehicle to its interiors, a high level of maintenance is done to keep it in good shape. Weekly, our mechanics perform checks on the limos to ensure nothing is faulty in their internal system. 

    Likewise, we keep the faulty ones for repairs and send out only the best limos in good condition. 

    Try us and the pillowy seats in the interior will surely aid your sleep at night (pun intended). 

    • Positive reviews from our customers

    Not only have we provided services to some of the top individuals in Seattle during their visits, but many of our customers have also become stuck to us and would prefer to work with PS Limo Service whenever they're in Seattle or its environs. This speaks a lot about the quality of service rendered. 

    Likewise, by reading through our website, you can get tons of positive reviews to read. 

    • Our years of experience

    PS Limo company has been in the business long enough to know its nitty-gritty. We have been in operation for over 15 years and have not stopped giving out the quality service our very first customers enjoyed at the beginning. 


    Give us a call now - (206)-396-9767. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does a limo cost in Seattle?

    In Seattle, ordering a limo is quite affordable although additional factors may influence the prices. The cost ranges between $95 to $165 with some discounts available on weekdays. 

    • What does a Limo Service mean?

    It's a general term used to describe a company providing different transportation services including limousine services and other types of vehicles. The limousine is a very comfortable car that lots of individuals prefer to ride in to and fro their various engagements.

    • Are limos profitable?

    Limo services are highly profitable, and statistics show that the industry has generated above twelve billion dollars in revenue. With the right marketing and advertising strategies in place, limo services are expected to rise above this stage in the nearest future.

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