Limo Service Seattle Airport

Are you in Seattle on a vacation or a business trip? Do you need a luxurious means of transportation from Seattle airport? Do you need a limo dedicated to you throughout your time in Seattle? 

Worry no more; PS limo service offers the best service for your transportation in Seattle. 

Our rides are fast, reliable, comfortable, and can be used for different occasions. Our services are not limited as we offer different cars for different numbers of people, purposes, and customers’ budgets.


Seattle Airport Limos

Seattle is the largest city in Washington, so it is not a surprise that the Seattle airport is one of the busiest on the west coast and the country. 

Being the Emerald City, people come to Seattle for commercial reasons and to admire the sights and sounds. All these reasons mean that the need for airport transportation from the airport is in high demand. To avoid rush or delay in getting to the airport, booking PS limo service airport transportation is best. 

Our Seattle Airport Limo Service is here to make your stay in Seattle a smooth and eventful one. We offer transportation anywhere in the city for the duration of your stay. All you have to do is book a car ahead of your arrival, and you will have a car as soon as you land.

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Airport Limos in Seattle

But not to worry, we have you covered; you do not have to go through any stress trying to find transportation because we have already made reservations to ease your stress. All you need to do to access this service is book us beforehand, and we'll be waiting for you to land.

Factors to Consider Before Booking a Car Service in Seattle

To enjoy your stay in Seattle, there are some factors to consider so that you do not commit any errors while booking.

Car Service Company

Before deciding on any car limo service, it is essential to do adequate research so that you do not end up with anything less than the best. There are a few car services, but deciding on one might be complicated if you do not know what to look for. Here are a few things that should influence your decision about the car service company

  • Reputation: A reliable car service company should have built a good reputation with positive reviews from previous customers. Check out the company’s website for its reviews and services.
  • Services: The right car limo service company should offer top-notch services. This starts from their customer service quality to the variety of services they offer. For instance, the limo service company should have different cars for different occasions, budgets, and services.
  • Number of People 

If you are on a trip with family or friends, you will need a suitable transport service suitable for all of you. If it is a tour, it is best if you are all together, and this is possible with a private van or party bus. It is different when you are alone as you can go in a private car or SUV.

  • Event and Taste

Attending a dinner party in a limo is definitely more classy than arriving on a party bus. The event will determine the appropriate ride. And when going for a tour, a limo might not be the perfect option. So, choose a ride appropriate for each event. (which is why you should go for PS limo service that has cars for all occasions).

Even though the event takes more priority, you can not overlook your preference. If you prefer to go around the town in a limo than an SUV, it is up to you.

Contact us at Seattle Office No: 206-396-9767 to book your Limousine Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a limo cost in Seattle?

The cost of taking a limo in Seattle depends on the limo size and the number of hours. It can cost between $95 to $165.  A stretch limo for 6-8 people will cost about $135 to $180 per hour, which increases as the car's capacity increases The cost can also reduce during weekdays and with the company’s incentives.

How far in advance should I book airport transportation?

There is no specific number of days. The possibility of reservation depends on the season and therefore on the availability of the limousine. Of course, the sooner you do it the better! Your search for a airport limo Seattle stops here.

How much is a limo from Seattle to Vancouver?

A limo from Seattle to Vancouver costs between $540 to $1000, depending on the car type and size. If it is an airport transportation service, it can be as less as $75, depending on the limo service company.

Will I be Notified before my pick-up time?

You can be notified if you want if the car limo service provides the service. PS limo service reminds you of your booking before picking you up. Even if you want an early reminder, we will remind you as early as half an hour before.

Why Choose PS Limo Service?

There are a few airport limo services in Seattle, but we are undeniably what you need, and here are some reasons why.

Affordable Prices

Are you worried about your budget?  Do you need a limo service at Seattle airport within your budget range? Then search no more. PS limo services offer affordable and different car rental options based on your budget. So, do not worry about exceeding your budget; there is always something for you.

Our rates at PS limo services are competitive, depending on three factors. It depends on the vehicle chosen, the destination, and the incentives issued. If you need a specific rate, contact us via our website.

Professionalism and top-notch customer service

All staff members are professional while dealing with customers.  Our chauffeurs are prompt and professional, and our customer care representative does their best to meet the customers' needs. Every team member works together to give you a comfortable stay in Seattle.

Experience and expertise

PS limo service has 15 years of experience offering limo services Seattle airport, which has led to us giving nothing but the best to our customers. We have many loyal customers who refer us because they experienced the best service when they chose us.

Our experience does not stop at that. All our chauffeurs have experienced driving experts who ensure the ride is as comfortable as ever. These experts arrive on time and drive you to your location at an average speed and with skilled maneuvering. The chauffeurs also have a vast knowledge of the routes. In the case of gridlocks along normal routes, they know how to maneuver to get you to your destination in time.

Insured vehicles

We are assured of our chauffeur’s competence, as we consider it during the hiring, training, and rationing process. But we do not want to overlook any important details to assure our customers. This is why we also insure every one of our vehicles.

Book your airport limousine at 206-396-9767 and enjoy the premium transportation today. 

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Just so you can have the best while transporting around Seattle, we have many options you can choose from. Each option is classified to meet the desired purpose of the rental, the number of people in the rental, and the customer’s preference.

Some of our amazing car options are below

    • Luxury SUVs: These can be the Cadillac Escalade, Tesla Model X, Chevrolet Suburban, or GMC Yukon Denali XL
    • Private car service: These include cars not as luxurious as the SUVs but classy and comfortable regardless.
  • Stretch Limos: The stretch limo is suitable for you to feel like royalty. It can contain as many as 8 to 28 people.
  • Party bus: Just as the name implies, it is best for transporting your family and friends to that fun party.
  • Private Shuttles: This is a spacious and convenient space to carry many people.
  • Super coaches: This luxury bus can contain as many as 56 people, and it is best when you want to move many people at once.
  • Mini coaches: This is in between the stretch limo and super coaches. This is the best option if you have more than 28 people but less than 50 people to transport.

We are one of the few car service companies that can offer you this wide range of variety and standard of vehicles. So, you can be sure you are getting the best.

SeaTac Limos

Clients Satisfaction

We do not only offer luxury car varieties to meet the customers’ needs, but we also offer incentives to impress our customers. We often offer promotional offers and discounts on our services. 

Try us when you need a limo service at Seattle airport; you might be lucky to take advantage of any of our limo service Seattle Airport incentives. 

Broad service areas

We do not only take you from the airport to a nearby destination, but we also extend our services to different parts of Seattle and its environs. Some of the areas of operations include

  • Burien
  • Lake Forest Park
  • Mercer Island
  • Kingsgate
  • Kirkland
  • Kenmore
  • Bellevue
  • SeaTac
  • Shoreline
  • Bothell
  • Tukwila
  • Redmond
  • White Centre
  • Renton
  • Easy Reservation Booking

Do you know that to use our service, you do not have to be in Seattle yet? You do not have to waste any time at the airport as you can easily book service on our online channel. Here are the steps to booking a reservation on our site

  • Fill out a passenger information form.
  • In the form, fill out all details, including your name, mail address, and valid phone number. 
  • Input information about your pickup date and time
  • Fill out the information about the service; preferred vehicle type, number of passengers, number of luggage, pick-up point, and destination.
  • Fill out the financial transaction form.

That is the easy reservation method, and if you want to make changes, do it at least 36 hours before arrival time. 

Check the entire collection of these categorized fleets here – Our Limousine Fleet